Enough: Meeting Myself on the Far Side of Shame is the title of the memoir I recently finished. It’s my story of a journey through shame; a story of one plan after another to be beautiful, brilliant, and successful enough to escape the shame I carried. Challenged by eating disorders, drug addiction, chronic pain, and mental illness, I go from the halls of MIT to the corridors of the psych ward, from a therapist-in-training to a therapist’s problem patient, and, at last, from self-hatred to an unexpected self-acceptance.

After several revision passes, I and mentors have judged it as ready as it’s going to be. As of September 2022, it’s being prepared for submission to literary agencies, which means I’ve been working on crafting my proposal and query letter. This is, of course, a steep learning curve. And every step of it is against a tide of discouragement from naysayers telling me how infinitesimal my chances of finding a “real” agent are. I don’t dispute them…I know there’s a big difference between a good book and a marketable book, which is why I’ve put so much work into the proposal.

I’m doing all this–regardless of what my chances are or are not–because I want to know I gave the book every chance to achieve the widest reach. After all, my purpose in writing it was outreach. If I get no results after a reasonable amount of time, it’ll be time to explore smaller presses and other options. And that would be OK. But I want to know I didn’t let insecurity keep me from trying.

I’ll update this page as my process continues; those working on a first book might find it interesting.

Oh, and is it a good book? Hell yes it’s a good book. And I’m proud of it.