Other Projects

At any given time, my brain is brewing new ideas for books, courses, turning my Tarot hobby into a tiny business, what YouTube videos I’m going to make when I learn how, presentations I want to give to groups…you get the idea.

The trouble is that I do a lot of this creative thinking when I can’t sleep but am too tired to get ideas down on paper. My weird brain can compose pages and pages without capturing them. Stuff I do capture goes into a blender, where my brain tries to drink it all without being able to separate and focus on one of them.

That being said, I do have a couple of things I know are in the pipeline:

  • a self-help-ish book with my (weird) tips and tricks about living with depression etc.
  • a book about using creativity to thrive in recovery
  • my first try at fiction, a novel about a therapist and how some extraordinary clients influence a journey of self-discovery
  • a book about a unique psychological perspective on Tarot

It’s fun to daydream about these things…but daydreams are just that. For any of them to go beyond a dream, I have to pick one and give myself permission to focus on it, even if it’s just brainstorming for a day.