Another Step Toward Reality

The book cover for Someday I Will Not Be Ashamed is done. DONE. All the revisions and changes and nitpicking, all the asking for blurbs and deciding which to use, all the coming up with the right synopsis, bio, and author photo, all the realizing that my painstakingly chosen back cover text needs to be slashed by more than half…it’s all done. The front, spine, and back of the print cover are done. The ebook, of course, only uses the front, so a lot of this sweat has been about the print version.

So where am I now? Finishing up the formatting…I confess, I caved and bought Atticus to help me. When that’s done, it will be time to upload the print manuscript to the Amazon publishing platform (KDP). The usual way of doing it is to upload the print manuscript, order a proof copy to inspect, then take the print book live the same day you upload the ebook.

So a time will come, not long from now, when I announce my launch date. It’s getting more real all the time.

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