Just a Little Longer

When my book’s actually published, will I be able to stop torturing myself about whether self-publishing was the right road to choose?

So close. Someday I Will Not Be Ashamed (click on the SIWBNA tab if you want to know more) is so close to being ready to go. But the formatting needs one more good pass, and I won’t be able to do a proper job of it until next week after I’ve recovered from a minor surgical procedure. And I’m struggling with the urge to hurry up, for no good reason than because I am tired of second guessing myself.

Let’s go through it one more time. The reasons for me self-publishing are:

  1. Flexibility–if I have an episode or am otherwise incapacitated, I’m not inconveniencing/hurting the profits of anyone but myself. This is the most important reason, triggered in part by my latest episode I’ve struggled through, and it’s about an honest evaluation of who I am and what kind of lifestyle I’m suited for.
  2. Autonomy–I don’t have to depend on the goodwill of others for my book’s existence. (Other people are vital to my efforts at helping readers be aware of the book, of course, but my book can’t be “orphaned,” which is a thing.)
  3. Simplicity–this is a reason specific to me and my plans. I’m planning more publications, some large and some small and short. Some would definitely be self published. By self publishing this book, I’m paving the way to treat all of my books the same rather than deal with separate sets of data.

My reasons not to self-publish can all be distilled into what-ifs and FOMO and “hey, my friend got a book deal, that could be me,” and “people will see me as a failure” and “nobody will read it,” etc. etc. and I am ready for those voices to shut the fuck up.

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