Good News, I’m So Close!!

My proof copy came! It has a couple of minor aesthetic issues in its interior that will require an annoying pass to make corrections (I’m at chapter 4 of 39 right now, ugh) BUT the cover looks awesome, the interior text and margins look great, spine text nicely centered, the size I chose feels just right…in short, it looks like a real, live book that does not scream “self-published.”

Some might say that the amount of work I’ve put into the print version doesn’t make sense, because the overwhelming majority of people who read it will probably be reading the e-book. But I wanted the print version to feel pleasing and right to those who enjoy print books. Print versions are also what one takes to in-person readings and other venues.

Anyway, the time is coming, very soon now, when I’ll announce that the book is live. In the meantime, I need to stay focused, make sure to take breaks, and not forget to take care of my physical and mental health (because I can’t get away with letting those slide. It doesn’t turn out well).

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