Tomorrow I See My Book!

I uploaded the print manuscript for Someday I Will Not be Ashamed to Amazon on Thursday, and my proof copy arrives tomorrow. Then I get to see if they printed it upside down or whatever, fix the issues, re-upload, get another proof copy, etc….and after I’m happy with it, I take the book and e-book live!

Getting through the first round of uploading was a big bottleneck for me, because the publishing website is pretty intimidating. I have a big feeling of “Oh God, if I check the wrong box I’ll screw something up irreversibly!” And that’s nothing, I am sure, compared to the fear I’ll feel when I press that “publish” button.

Anyway, the time is close at hand when I’ll switch from “preparing to publish” to “getting the word out.” And working in earnest on my next project. Tackling the next learning curve. And, whatever the book’s fate, be proud of writing it and grateful I was around to do so.

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