Roll For Initiative, Losers

That’s what I’m saying to my self-sabotaging demons today. I got a HUGE amount of work done on my final formatting of the manuscript yesterday, and I’m in the middle of getting a lot done today, and I’ve made a “date” to sit down with my spouse tomorrow night and do the KDP upload of Someday I Will Not Be Ashamed and get the proof copy ordered.

A lot of things could go wrong. Maybe the KDP interface will reject my file. Maybe the proof copy will arrive with all the text printed upside down. I don’t know, but it’s the next step.

Live with an eating disorder? A mental illness? An addiction? More than one of these? None of these, but just a constant struggle with shame and perfectionism? You might be one step closer to feeling a bit more seen. Because sometime in May, my book’s going to be available on Amazon.

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